It is characterized primarily by a loss of cartilage around a joint, which helps to provide smooth gliding of a joint, and results in pain and swelling and loss of range of movement in a joint.

Physiotherapy is very useful in the management of mild to advanced states of osteoarthritis. There are certain types of treatments which patients will find useful.

Strength and stability exercise programs : Specific exercises targeting strength and stability of an affected joint have been shown to provide symptomatic relief and improve function. Advice regarding appropriate loading is crucial in the management of OA.

Manual therapy such as massage and joint mobilisation may help to improve movement and reduce pain.

Prescription of an appropriate brace can provide a joint more support, reduce the swelling and provide instant symptomatic relief.

Conservative management of OA  usually involves multiple strategies  that can be coordinated with other health professionals such as GP’s, Sports Physician,s and orthopaedic surgeons.


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